Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain (RACIB)

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    Центр международной торговли, Краснопресненская наб., 12

    March 27, 2018


  • Законодательное регулирование рынка криптовалют и инвестиций на их основе

    Стремянный переулок 28, стр. 2А, Конгресс-центр РЭУ им. Г.В. Плеханова

    January 31, 2018


  • Законодательное регулирование рынка криптовалют и инвестиций на их основе

    Москва, Стремянный переулок 28, стр. 2А

    January 31, 2018


  • World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit

    Краснопресненская наб., 12

    January 27, 2018


  • Криптовалюты и альтернативные механизмы инвестирования – источник финансирования бизнес-проектов

    Конгресс-центр ТПП РФ / Москва, Ильинка, 6

    December 27, 2017


  • CryptoInvestForum

    г. Москва, 1-й Зачатьевский переулок, дом 4

    December 15, 2017


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Supervisory Board

The permanently operating collegial management body of RACIB, which manages the activities of the Association.

  • “The new structure will unite blockchain-technology market participants, owners of cryptocurrencies, including so-called miners, as well as investors who are making their investments in projects based on blockchain (ICO)”
    German Klimenko
    Советник Президента России
  • “The development of digital technologies and, in particular, the blockchain will lead to the decentralization of the world economy, as well as the movement of companies towards the creation of ecosystems (networks of organizations created around a single technological platform)”
    German Gref
    Президент Сбербанка
  • The Central Bank is considering the possibility of creating a national digital currency on the blockchain basis. This is a national, not a private currency. We know that many Central banks in the world are discussing this. This process is under study.
    Elvira Nabiullina
    Глава Центрального банка России
  • “Blocking is fundamental. It is a thing that should change the system of relations between the government, between citizens and in society in general. This is probably the very essence of blockchain.”
    Sergey Gorkov
    Председатель Внешэкономбанка
  • “All countries are working to legislatively regulate the use of this financial instrument. The financial instrument is very volatile meaning that today it has one price, tomorrow - another. In order to avoid so-called deceived investors, regulation is necessary.”
    Anton Siluanov
    Министр финансов России


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