The president and director of the RACIB together with the vice-presidents of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain took part in Board of Directors meeting, which was held in Moscow, June 4, 2018.
One of the central issues on the agenda was the discussion of the current status of legislative support for the digital assets industry activities, as well as the approval of the roadmap of an international organization creation in order to support the crypto industry interests. The report on the current issue was made by the RACIB’s head of the legal committee Elena Gultyaeva. Following the report discussion, the following decisions were made: to entrust a legal committee of the Association to send additional comments on bills to the State Duma; to approve a decision of an international RACIB fund establishment in Liechtenstein, together with the Innovary Platform, in order to protect the interests and rights of participants in the global crypto industry, and to initiate lawsuits against Google and Facebook.

Also within the framework of the meeting, the issue of the RACIB’s investment fund organization was considered. Evgeny Hata, the Vice-President for International Cooperation initiated the discussion. Board members approved the initiative and outlined plans for the practical project implementation.
Valery Petrov, Vice President for Market Development and Regulation told his colleagues about the educational programs of RACIB and SRO RAСIB. It was decided unanimously to create an education committee within the Association with the connection of federal and regional universities, industry experts. Zamir Akimov, Vice President for Development of Digital Assets presented a report “On the project concept for the Central Bank’s sandbox in the area of ​​high-tech parks”. It was decided unanimously to entrust Mr. Akimov to formulate a crypto park project for the board until June 15, 2018.
In addition, during the meeting, the report “On the Development of the International Decentralized Association, IDACB” by Maxim Chereshnev, Vice-President of the RACIB, was heard.